The American Revolution in Our Communities

Presented by the Haddonfield Skirmish Committee and Camden County College

Camden County College and the Haddonfield Skirmish Committee will present a six-part lecture series on the American Revolution.

From the perspective of our communities, ending with an evening with George Washington, this is part of the build-up for the Skirmish in Haddonfield, NJ on Saturday, June 4th.

The Skirmish is a reenactment of actual ambushes by the Continental militia against the British redcoats as they evacuated Philadelphia on their way to New York. George Washington had given the order to “annoy” the Redcoats and skirmishes happened for this purpose in the peaceful Quaker village of Haddonfield.  The re-enactment will include musket fire and the Redcoats in regalia on horseback charging the Continentals’ cannon. One can also enjoy breakfast with the troops, learn how to sword fight, ride small ponies, participate in patchwork with Betsy Ross, observe colonial artisans in action, learn colonial dancing, and see multitudes of other historical activities. For this exciting day, Haddonfield will be the center of Revolutionary War history in this region

All lectures begin at 7pm in Haddonfield

  • Garry Stone | March 30 at the Masonic Temple: The 1776-1780 Revolutionary War Adventures of John Inskeep (1757-1834), a Young Man Born Near Haddonfield, New Jersey.
  • Doug Rauschenberger | April 6 at Haddonfield Borough Hall: Close to Home: Haddonfield in the American Revolution
  • Jim Christ | April 27 at the Masonic Temple: Remember Paoli!: The Paoli Massacre
  • Daniel K. Richter | May 4 at Haddonfield Borough Hall: Native Americans’ Wars for Independence
  • Kelly Jackson | May 25 at the Masonic Temple: Secret Codes and Spy-craft in the American Revolution
  • Doug Thomas | June 1 at Haddonfield Borough Hall: An Evening with George Washington